Club Night

Adult Club Nights take place on Wednesday nights from 6pm to 10pm – starting on Wednesday 6th April 2022 and finishing on Wednesday 28th Sept 2022.

Any adult members may come along as long as they are of a reasonable playing standard (i.e. no beginners as this will spoil the enjoyment of others – see coaching page). If you are not sure, members of the committee will assess your level.

New club balls for each court are provided on most Wednesday club nights and so individual members are not permitted to play their own games or use their own balls.

Normally up to five games of mixed, ladies or men’s doubles or a full set (i.e. first to 6 games), depending on numbers, are played before changing around. This is to avoid players sitting out for too long. Sudden death is played at the second deuce.

A Peg Board system may be used with the following rules:

  • On arrival find your peg
  • Place at the bottom on left hand side of the board
  • You can’t jump the queue and play as soon as you arrive
  • When your peg gets to the top choose 3 other players from the 5 below
  • Be ready to play as soon as a court becomes free
  • Once the game is finished remove peg and replace at the bottom of the queue
  • Keep track of your peg at all times

Singles games may be played on club nights only when the numbers allow.

Membership shoetags (Orange for the 2022 season) and keys will be available during the tennis season on Wednesday clubnights from David Webster or Jeff Beckett from 18:00 to 18:30 only.